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Bandipur (Tanahun Nepal)

Bandipur (Tanahun Nepal)

A hilltop settlement and a municipality of Federal, State No. 3, Tanahun District, Gandaki zone of Nepal is located 143 km to the west of Kathmandu and 80 km to the east of Pokhara. Climb through the pristine forest on the historical trail at Dumre bazaar to the town that has hardly changed. Perseverance of old culture, Bandipur has been increasingly coming to the attention of tourists. Well, preservedBandipur today invites travellers to experience its unique offerings: rich hill culture, Mountain views and hiking. Most trading posts on the Nepal hills, Bandipur has retained its age-old culture attributes temple, shrines, sacred caves, innumerable festivals, and Newari architecture that harks back to the Kathmandu valley of old

Located on a wide saddle at the height of 1030m the surrounding hills of Bandipur are ideal for hiking along trails that take you through tribal villages, verdant forests, and hilltop shrine that once doubled as fortresses. While doing the Inner tour of Bandipur, several places like Bandipur bazaar, tundikhel, puramo not, teendhara, Arabian, exploring Siddha cave are the major tourist destinations.  Bandipur hosts more than 24 species of orchid. People can see orchids in most parts of Bandipur, but for the trail best route to enjoy these beautiful flowers is on the way to the silk farm west of Bandipur Bazaar.

Majority of the current residents are originally traders from Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu valley who made their way to Bandipur and settled here while the newars are predominant in Bhandipur, the Magar and Gurung ethnic group inhabit the hillsides growing rise millet corn and mustard on terrace fields. There are various historical temples with meaningful religious ethnic reason made of pagoda style make the place more wonderful.