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Dolpo Region Trekking

The Dolpo Region lies in the northwest of Nepal which covers 15% of the total area of the country. The region indicates the ringed like a horseshoe Shape of soaring peaks called Dolpo. In the northwest of Nepal lies a region ringed like a horseshoe shape of soaring peaks called Dolpo. It is the highest inhabited land and in this region, there are various peaks higher than 21000 feet presents the main attraction. This is the  Home to people of Tibetan decent since the early centuries of the Tibetan refugees continue to trickle into Dolpo. Most of the Tibetans follow the Tibetan Buddhist religion, though some practice seen the Bon religion too. Bon religion is amalgamated with Buddhism. There are various monasteries are exist in the various area This religion pre-dates Buddhism and was widespread in Tibet until the introduction of Buddhism. However, Bon is considered one of the five schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

For exploration and trekking, This region was opened in 1989 and seems to have an untouched and unexplored feel to it. In this field, a trekker can meet the typical innocent and wandering people living a lifestyle that has far beyond the normal practices.  The Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo trekking offer an extraordinary variety of geographical landscapes, not to mention a chance to interact with the local people. Dolpo region incredible diversity and can be visited many times over with never having the same experience twice. Dolpo also lies in a rain shadow area and it is much drier than the rest of Nepal and receive less rain. In the Dolpo region, the elevation of the trails ranges from 1650 meters to 5136 meters above sea level.


Duration 24D/23N
Trip Grade Moderate
Duration 18D/17N
Trip Grade Moderate
Duration 15D/14N
Trip Grade Moderate