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Message From Managing Director

Rabi Bohara

(Managing Directors)

The successful Professional graph for past seven years and the rank defined by industry experts of tourism experience, leadership itself Testimonies Company’s strong customer relationship. I was extraordinarily fortunate to spend six years in the tourism field and financial sector working as a Chief Executive officer (CEO). The gradual recommendations of satisfied customers enhanced our steady growth during the initial stage and later broadened to a wide clientele base of both personal and business travellers. Our current network of various outlets serves as comprehensive travel solution points performing travelling requirements. We believe that the quality service, customer satisfaction and innovation is the prime concern.

In today’s emerging market, we strive to develop dynamic product and service and provide solutions at the most feasible value with guaranteed quality of travel experience. It gives me immensely to foresee that our future goals we certainly get empowered by the geographical significance of the worlds most beautiful and developing country Nepal. I am very proud to be a major part of this company.