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Swargadwari (Pyuthan)

Swargadwari (Pyuthan)

The literally means of Swargadwari represent 'Gateway of heaven' which is located in the Pyuthan District in the mid western region of Nepal. Ii is extremely popular for the Hindu devotees and we also recommended you if you want to find the religious traditions and Harmony, need to go swargadwari pilgrimage tour. This Heaven place situated at surrounding within the beautiful atmosphere. Form this place we can see the various beautiful landscape of greenery hill terrain and Mountain.

Swargadwari is situated at 2100M (6890ft) height from sea level. This is one of the famous and important holy places of Hindus. It is believed that the great god of Hindu lord Brahma had meditated here and the five pandab brothers entered heaven form this place. That is why name of this place has been derived from them as swargadwari (Get way of Heaven). There is enough space to worship and there are nine separate temples but integrate represent only one. There are numerous sculptures of Panchayan Goddesses. The pilgrims can see four separate sections from where the flames of fire arise which is continuous series of smoke coming from the middle section where the priest worship god, read religious books and carry out holy rituals.

In there we can find more than 150 Cows in the temple area. There is also gurukul where grammar, holy books of Hindu religion and culture are taught. Hansananda Giri who had faith in meditation from his childhood made this temple in 1952 B.S. He started a huge ‘PUJA’ for the welfare of the world. Narayan Gautama from Ropla’s Rumti village who was born in 1916 B.S. started his life as a person of meditation since the age of five. He did great things to the society and to the nation eventually. This incredible personality died in 1997 B.S.

At this holy place, vegetarian foods are served and cow milk. Additionally, this place is famous for the meditation that offers insightful meaning. Apart from that, it is also a sacred place where people perform Homa, Yagyans and prayers (ritual procession) are performed every day.