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Why travel with us

Why choose Satellite Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd

There are various trekking, tour and travel companies in Nepal promising you various kinds of travel experience. So, you should select your travel company for your travel in Nepal and we know that it is not easy to choose a reliable company, however, we have listed many of these reasons why you should select Satellite Treks and Expedition for your travelling holiday in Nepal.

Authorized Operators

We are one of the innovative government authorized trekking company in Nepal. You can verify our legal document to make sure that we are registered trekking company. We  have affiliation of the company Registrar (Ministry ofIndustry), Department of cottage and small industry, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Department of Tax Regional office, Ministry of Finance, Department of Foreign Exchange, Nepal Rasta Bank(NRB), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal(TAAN), Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF) etc.

Experience and Professional Team Member

Satellite Treks And Expedition Team's range from well-qualified and competent office staff on trekking, tour and climbing guides with good experience. All of our agents, guides, porters and concerns are hard-working, reliable and experienced with an enthusiasm for working in the travel industry. Apart from the side, we have been organizing a holiday tour, treks, and climbs in Nepal for over decades. Our staffs are well paid compare to Nepal normal industry standards. They are insured and had medical facilities. Within the year they have 2 months extra paid, one month during their holiday, and the other month during Dashain Festival as Dashain allowance. The company has a policy of providing superannuation award and provident fund for every staff.

Mission to be leaders in Tourism field

Professional, visionary, responsible, experienced teams are here with together and our mission not only doing as the previous trend, we are associated here for creating new idea, concept and innovation on service different than others.

Ultimate value

Standard quality services, high level of satisfaction at the best prices make our adventures great value for money. Out trip cost covers valuable inclusion like all meals while trekking and dedicated local crew who will go the extra yard to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Our high level of support allows you to relax and focus on the incredible journey ahead of you.

Certainly Flexible and Accommodating Itineraries

Our prime concern is to make the best and enjoyable trips as flexible as possible. We just give your trip structure and direction, but you decide what you want to do with it as much possible. We want your travel much more memorable fun and enjoyable.                                                                                 

Provide personal attention to every client

We realize the importance of good communication so Satellite Treks And Expedition proudly offers 24-hour/7 days a week Customer Service. Our website is detailed and designed to assist your travel planning experience. Our Head Office is open from 9 AM to 7.00 PM from Sunday to Friday but our Operations Department remains open 7 days a week to ensure your comfort throughout your journey with us.

Well Design and timely update on an itinerary

Due to the change of circumstances, we need to modify and update on the itinerary that leads to creating comfortable to manage budget and time. Every traveller manages the budget to explore maximum occupancy. So, as per the client interest, we can manage the same.

We have designed all the itineraries of Trekking, Tour, Peak climbing, Expedition, Rafting, Transportation and other adventure activities in a professional manner apart from that, we continually take our creativity to find out new route and destination and updating which make sure that you will have a mesmerizing trip ahead. However, we can also customize our itineraries at your request to accommodate your specific requirements.

Professional and Friendly Guides

All our guides are officially licensed and have been trained by the ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation (MoCTCA) and by the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management Nepal (NATHM). Our all trekking, tour and climbing guides are highly professional, creative, active, sincere and friendly with the good command over English Speaking. They have a wide range of knowledge regarding trip operations and technicalities that lead to making your trip valuable.  They also have the ability to guide visitors and trekkers with every basic and detail information that comes with fascinated facts. They make sure that you enjoy your trip to fullest without compromising in any matters.

Social Responsibility

It is believed that we must contribute some part of our earning to develop and promote the places where we operate our activity. We donate 5-10% of Net income to social foundations which work for the underprivileged member of our rural areas. We also contribute some part of the earning to welfare foundations.